Our pressure measurements are traceable to the SI (System of International Units) as required by our accreditation credentials. The calibration management system at Miller Instruments is SCC accreditation to ISO/IEC 17025:2017 and NRC CLAS certified.

The calibration lab is supported with both pneumatic and hydraulic dead weight reference standards. In addition, there are a variety of pneumatic and hydraulic transducers and precision gauges used to calibrate our customer’s pressure measuring instruments. Our scope in pneumatic calibrations extends from 0.02 to 1015 psia and the scope in hydraulic calibration extends to 20,000 psia.

We calibrate analogue and digital pressure gauges, back flow gauges, dead weight testers, pressure transducers and pressure transmitters. The calibration certificates document the pressure readings during an increasing pressure and then a decreasing pressure.

Our complete accredited scope in pressure may be found on National Research Council’s CLAS web site: scope >